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The Atomic Ales . . .

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Atomic Strike


About the Ale

A pale golden ale with a sharp fruity aromatic aroma and a good sharp bitter finish. This was very drinkable lite and full of flavour. A must try.


Atomic Fission


About the Ale

This is a rebrew of the Nuclear Test with an increase in the strength to 3.9%. The Mount Hood came through to give good floral aroma. And we have also managed to get some condition into the beer.

Crystal clear this amber coloured ale was a typical session ale with sufficient hopping to make it quite interesting. Rebrewed again and changing to just cascade this in now a good ale with a sharp fruity bitter finish.


Atomic Fusion


About the Ale

A golden coloured ale with a citrus well hopped aroma and a good bitter well hopped finish.


Atomic Meltdown


About the Ale

A pale golden ale with an aromatic well hopped bitterness leading to a sharp bitter finish.


Atomic Reactor


About the Ale

A little disappointed with our first attempt at the Reactor. Believe me this will improve. The Brewers gold hop flavours really didn't come through leaving a slightly tart finish.

Now rebrewed using a different yeast. This has transformed this ale which is now packed with flavour which leads to a good bitterness and a fruity finish.


Atomic First Lightening


About the Ale

We brewed this beer using entirely saaz hops and then used a lager yeast. I was very pleased with the result. A pale hoppy refreshing ale with good bitterness.


Atomic H-Bomb


About the Ale

An excellent ale with many of the typical Atomic characteristics, hoppy, full bodied, a refreshing burst upon the first few sips. One of their best so far.


Atomic Power


About the Ale

A deep ruby coloured ale with a sweet chocolate aroma and taste. Bitterness develops and gives way to a pleasant chocolatey finish. Re brewed with a change of recipe in October 08 the new ale is better balanced with a rich sweet finish.


Atomic Half Life


About the Ale

Very pale extremely well hopped ale with a sharp fresh bitterness. Very refreshing and one of their best ales. A definate must try.


Atomic Bomb


About the Ale

A big rich fruity taste hits the right spot. Powerful with a full aromatic nose and a well hopped increasingly bitter finish.


Atomic Winter


About the Ale

A deceptively strong ale. Golden in colour with a sharp bitterness from the simcoe hops. Well balanced bitter finish.


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